Chi-Biotech Co. Ltd.

With outstanding experts on molecular biology, next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics and clinical medicine, Chi-Biotech focuses on promoting the accuracy and speed of research and medical applications using the leading genetic sequencing technologies.

Has a number of experts in molecular biology, large-scale sequencing, bioinformatics,
clinical medicine and other fields to make outstanding contributions,Brings together the world's top scientific research results,
Committed to the use of the industry's research and technology for the benefit of research and medical technology.

  • Sequencing Analysis on Cloud – For Everyone

    With the advances of next-generation sequencing technologies, it is possible nowadays to obtain Terabases of nucleotide sequences in a single run, equivalent to hundreds of human genomes.

  • Customized NGS Analyses

    We offer full customization services to analyze the data in your projects. Our bioinformatics specialists develop accurate algorithms exactly according to the special features of your projects to make maximized use of your valuable sequencing data.

  • Assessment and Validation of Previous NGS Data

    If you are doubtful of your NGS data from a company or a core facility, don't hesitate to contact us. We can assess the validity and accuracy of the data with minor costs, powered by the cloud analysis system.

  • Consultation of Project Design

    Our experts provides professional consultation on project design at the very first stages of your projects, saving time, cost, effort and valuable samples, achieving your goal in the most efficient way.